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AchterboschZantman footvolley tournament

AchterboschZantman was the main sponsor of the very succesful ‘Achterboschzantman International Footvolley Tournament’ in Groningen. Footvolley is a very spectacular sport which has its origins in Brasil. The upcoming sport is played in the whole world nowadays.  32 teams from all over the world we’re battling this weekend. Bart Zantman plays in the first Dutch team. Together with  Martijn ten Duis they won the tournament last year. This year they lost the semi-final against Spain. It was very close, but at the end Holland 1 became third when beating Italy 1. Winner of the biggest indoor footvolley tournament of Europe was Spain after beating Brasil in the finals. More information you can get here:

In the middle of trees

On January the 2nd Hans Achterbosch visited the building area at Garden Valley resort in Liyang. Here the treehouses will be built soon. A mockup of the path to the treehouses has totally been constructed in bamboo. Walkig here gives you the right feeling, exactly which we had in mind during the design process of this project: It's like sitting in a treehouse, with a maximum of privacy in the middle of trees and at the right time having a panoramic view of the whole valley! The treehouses will rise up at the same spot as where you can see the bamboo terrace now. This will be the ideal place for having a bath or massage. This summer the houses will be completed. It's getting fast, we can't wait to visit Liyang again in February!