• Nanjing Middle School-Masterplan Upgradation

      The Nanjing middle school campus situated in China required an upgradation in a holistic way in-line with the changing future of the learning. The proposed design considerations are purely […]

  • Waterwoning Wiarda, Leeuwarden

    Waterwoning Wiarda, Leeuwarden

    Doorgaans is de waterkant de achterkant, maar hier zal de waterkant beschouwd worden als een informele voorkant, Op het aangeven punt worden twee individuele woningen met een duidelijke archetypische vorm […]

  • Arriva Folly

    Arriva Folley

    Als architecten & creatieve geesten zijn we graag  actief in Friesland, maar feitelijk inmiddels ook al over de hele wereld. We  verbinden ons bij voorkeur alleen aan projecten die duurzaam en circulair zijn, met […]

  • Energie Kenniscentrum Leeuwarden

    Energie Kenniscentrum Leeuwarden Status: Opgeleverd Opdrachtgever: Ekwadraat en Oosterhof Holman Aannemer: Friso Bouwgroep In opdracht van Ekwadraat en Oosterhof Holman heeft Achterbosch Architecten het ontwerp gemaakt voor een duurzaam en […]

  • Woning aan de EE, Leeuwarden

    Woning aan de EE, Leeuwarden Status: Werkvoorbereiding Aannemer: Bouwbedrijf Kimsma

  • Woning Liespôle, Blitsaerd

    Woning Liespôle, Blitsaerd

    Gelijkvloerse woning aan de Liespôle in Blitsaerd, Leeuwarden Status: Opgeleverd Aannemer: Bouwbedrijf Lont Tuin: Michel van Kammen  

  • Woning Deinum

    Woning Deinum

    Locatie: Deinum Uitvoerder: Bouwbedrijf Jan Hooghiemster, Aldtsjerk Oplevering: Voorjaar 2019

  • Tianjiashan pavilion and hotelservice centre Liyang, China

    Tianjiashan pavilion and hotelservice centre Liyang, China

    Tianjiashan pavilion en hotelservice centre Location: Liyang, China Status: under construction

  • Woning Tytjerk

    Locatie: Tytjerk Uitvoerder: Wiersma Bouw Leeuwarden Oplevering: Voorjaar 2019 Photo: Gatze Wiersma

  • Wiarda appartementen

    Woningen en Appartementen Wiarda, Leeuwarden

    6 grondgebonden grondgebonden woningen 2 x 16 appartementen Locatie: Wiarda, Leeuwarden Uitvoerder: Aannemersbedrijf Kuin Oplevering: Begin 2019 Visuals: Pixual. Photos: Funda

  • Woning Blitsaerd

    Woning Blitsaerd

    Locatie: Blitsaerd, Leeuwarden Oplevering: begin 2019

  • Nordwin College, Sneek

    Nordwin College, Sneek

    Nordwin College Locatie: Sneek Aannemer: Friso Sneek opgeleverd: 2017

  • Boerderij Stiens

    Boerderij Stiens

    Opgeleverd: 2017 Locatie: Stiens Aannemer: Bijland Bouw B.V. Installateur: Vellema Installatietechniek Hallum

  • Appartementen, De Roode Boer

    Appartementen, De Roode Boer

    Locatie: Zuidergrachtswal/Achter de Hoven, Leeuwarden Aannemer: Bouwbedrijf Lont Ontwikkelaar: Rizoem Status: Aanvraag omgevingsvergunning

  • Meijie Wedding Chapel, Liyang China

    Meijie Wedding Chapel, Liyang China

    Project: Meijie Wedding Chapel Locatie: Liyang, China Status: Definitief ontwerp

  • Woning Meihorst Haren

    Woning Meihorst Haren

    Woning Meihorst Haren Status: opgeleverd in 2018 Aannemer: Bouw- en Aannemingsbedrijf G. de Haan

  • (Nederlands) 34 Woonstudio’s Stationsweg Leeuwarden

    (Nederlands) 34 Woonstudio’s Stationsweg Leeuwarden

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  • (Nederlands) Prins Hendrikbrug Leeuwarden

    (Nederlands) Prins Hendrikbrug Leeuwarden

    Status: Niet gerealiseerd

  • (Nederlands) Boerderij Alddiel Leeuwarden

    (Nederlands) Boerderij Alddiel Leeuwarden

  • (Nederlands) Woning Bergen

    (Nederlands) Woning Bergen

    Locatie: Bergen (NH) Aannemer: Friso Bouwgroep Sneek Gerealiseerd in 2018

  • (Nederlands) Woning aan de EE. Leeuwarden

    (Nederlands) Woning aan de EE. Leeuwarden

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  • (Nederlands) Woning Rietwijk Groningen

    (Nederlands) Woning Rietwijk Groningen

    Locatie: Groningen Aannemer: Friso Bouw Opgeleverd: 2017

  • Healthy Valley, Liyang China

    Healthy Valley, Liyang China

    Locatie: Liyang China Status: Niet gerealiseerd

  • Houses for mental care Breewijd Marsdiep

    Houses for mental care Breewijd Marsdiep

    The former pavilion structure on this location wasn’t sufficient to the current standards and was also very inefficient. The location does ask for a type of accommodation that utilizes the […]

  • Care farm Eastwei Oppenhuizen

    Care farm Eastwei Oppenhuizen

    The assignment is commissioned by Foundation Philadelphia Zorg. Near Sneek The former farm is extended and transformed into a home care farm. The main structure of the farm is still […]

  • Houses for mental care Halbertsamstraat

    Houses for mental care Halbertsamstraat

    In the center of a postwar quarter in Sneek, on the former location of a school, a compact home care building had to rise. In commission of Foundation Philadelphia Zorg […]

  • Office AchterboschZantman Architecten

    Office AchterboschZantman Architecten

    The office houses in a national monument, the former local court off Leeuwarden. The building has a rectangular shape. The first two floors have characteristic high ceilings with the original […]

  • Brede school Loevenstein

    Brede school Loevenstein

    Plaats: Gorredijk Status: Niet gerealiseerd Opdrachtgever: Loevenstein Gorredijk Typologie: Brede school Samenwerking: GEAR

  • Mei jie Mountain Spa Houses

    Mei jie Mountain Spa Houses

    In addition of the Tree-top houses and the Spa Clubhouse, six one-person spa cabins are realized and a few private swimming pools which are outside but covered. These private cabins […]

  • Dune House Terschelling

    Dune House Terschelling

    On one of the Dutch islands in the Waddensea, Achterbosch Zantman Architecten designed a recreational dwelling. The dwelling is hidden in the dunes off Terschelling and has a magnificent view […]

  • Entrance Nordwin College

    Entrance Nordwin College

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  • Interior restaurant Stenden University

    Interior restaurant Stenden University

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  • Eelân Houses

    Eelân Houses

    In the post-war quarter Bilgaard a new neighborhood had to appear that had a better connection with the beautiful green waterfront of the Dokkumer Ee. The new part is designed […]

  • Waterdunen


    Status: Niet gerealiseerd Opdrachtgever: Molecaten Locatie: Breskens Typologie: Vakantiepark Samenwerking: Onix, Gidz

  • Renovation office Veendam

    Renovation office Veendam

    Commissioned by Province Groningen AchterboschZantman Architects in cooperation with Anne Makkink redesigned the interior of an office in Veendam. Divisions on different locations are to be combined in Veendam. Instead […]

  • Garden Valley Treetop houses

    Garden Valley Treetop houses

    Garden Valley is our first project in China. It contains 40 holiday dwellings high up between the trees, six spa units and a large spa-clubhouse over 1500m2 big. Garden Valley […]

  • Garden Valley Spa-Clubhouse

    Garden Valley Spa-Clubhouse

    Garden Valley is our first project in China. It contains 40 holiday dwellings high up between the trees, six spa units and a large spa-clubhouse over 1500m2 big. Garden Valley […]

  • Residences and café Doelepleintje Leeuwarden

    Residences and café Doelepleintje Leeuwarden

    Seven residences will complete the corner between the Doelestraat and Groeneweg. A public path behind the block separates the collective courtyard and the public garden Princessehof. This plan was a […]

  • Office and workplace Kooi Makkum

    Office and workplace Kooi Makkum

    Kooi Makkum is a modern shipyard for exclusive yachts. They build custom sail yachts out off aluminum with wooden finishing. The former building wasn’t representative. A part of the booth […]

  • Harmonieplein Leeuwarden

    Harmonieplein Leeuwarden

    This design is made in context of the manifestation ‘Kloppend Hart’. It’s an exploration how to connect public spaces inside as well outside. This complex, which houses different social facilities, […]

  • Residence Terschelling

    Residence Terschelling

    On Terschelling, one of the Wadden islands, in the village West aan Zee a recreation village is realized nicely hidden in the Dune landscape with a view over the Northsea. […]

  • Woning 3 Oudvaart Sneek

    Woning 3 Oudvaart Sneek

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  • Lotus-dwelling Lyiang China

    Lotus-dwelling Lyiang China

    The municipality of Leeuwarden has an alliance with Lyiang, China, for many years. In this context we designed self-sufficient floating dwellings, which have the shape of a Lotus flower. Main […]

  • Residences Murandstraat Leeuwarden

    Residences Murandstraat Leeuwarden

    Near the city center of Leeuwarden, on the corner of the Emanuel Murandstraat and the Nieuwe Schrans in Huizum West, we realized 15 residences on the location of the former […]

  • Pavilion Green Event

    Pavilion Green Event

    This pavilion is a temporary, experimental object. A pallet-construction as an identical flexible and movable element. We gave ourselves the assignment to make an object that is temporary and sustainable. […]

  • Barn-house Goenga

    Barn-house Goenga

    At the north-side of Sneek lies an area where in past times trading took place by boat. Goenga is a little town in this area, just outside Goenga the historical […]

  • Study popcentre Leeuwarden

    Study popcentre Leeuwarden

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  • Apartments and residences Vlasakkers Drachten

    Apartments and residences Vlasakkers Drachten

    In the quarter De Bouwen, Drachten, we initiated and partly commissioned by Woonfriesland a new project at the former garage location. The project contains 3 dwellings and 21 apartments with […]

  • Aqueduct West Leeuwarden

    Aqueduct West Leeuwarden

    The design is realized in cooperation with Onix, in OAK-context. The aqueduct forms the connection between the city Leeuwarden and the surrounding open landscape, underneath the Van Harinxmakanaal. The design […]

  • Double dwelling Tynaarlo

    Double dwelling Tynaarlo

    The plan was realized from an exceptional context. Two separate families became an alliance and wanted to develop this plan together. We helped them through the process of communication and […]

  • Poughkeepsy Bridge

    Poughkeepsy Bridge

    Together with Onix we were invited to design a pedestrian and bike-bridge over the Fallkill Creek in Poughkeepsie, New York. The Fallkill Creek is a small branch of the river […]

  • Theatre Libië

    Theatre Libië

    In cooperation with Olthaar Projecten in Nijmegen we transformed an old theatre in Benghazie, Libia. With behold of the historic structure we designed a modern theatre. The theatre is rebuilt […]

  • Dwellings Ghana

    Dwellings Ghana

    In cooperation with Hans Otlhaar, from Nijmegen, and contractor ITS from Rotterdam, we developed an autarkic dwelling suitable for the African climate. The dimensions of the main module are 2,5 […]

  • Residence Van Meerten Makkum

    Residence Van Meerten Makkum

    The ‘Holle Poarte’ is a recreation park in Makkum which lies alongside the Ijselmeer. The park consists of a camping, recreation-dwellings and a yacht-harbour with all recreational functions needed. The […]

  • Farm renovation Hieslum

    Farm renovation Hieslum

    In Fryslân at the edge of a little village Hieslum five farmhouses are clustered. One of them no longer functions as a farm. The large barn looses its function and […]

  • Bicycle road Sneek

    Bicycle road Sneek

    Part of the large infrastructural project, Rijksweg A7 Sneek, is the bicycle-road. Reasons as a bicycle road and the lack of space resulted in a solution: a combination of a […]

  • Eisma Office Leeuwarden

    Eisma Office Leeuwarden

    From the establishment in 1874 Eisma Media Group always housed in Leeuwarden. They are specialized in business to business communication and educative publications. The new office has a cubical design. […]

  • Interior Burgum

    Interior Burgum

    At the backside of a characteristic mansion from 1907, with many typical elements from the beginning of the twentieth century, a new attachment appears. We didn’t want to attach a […]

  • Dutch Bridge Almere

    Dutch Bridge Almere

    Like the Dutch landscape is a palette of different rural and urban elements that evolved in history, the Holandse Brug is a compilation of different bridges build next to each […]

  • Residence Ter Borchlaan Groningen

    Residence Ter Borchlaan Groningen

    In the Drents-Gronings lake-area, on the crossroad between land and city, a new urban area appears, Ter Borch. Part of this is the green lane between Groningen and Eelde, trapped […]

  • Apartments Zuiderhaven Harlingen

    Apartments Zuiderhaven Harlingen

    The historical image of De Zuiderhaven is mainly formed by the old warehouses and the majestic residences alongside the canal. At the edge of the city center of Harlingen 6 […]

  • Office Sixmastraat Leeuwarden

    Office Sixmastraat Leeuwarden

    Alongside the important route from the city center of Leeuwarden, the Oostergoweg, we made a design for a multi business complex, commissioned by Adema/BBF. The buildings alongside the Oostergoweg aren’t […]

  • Residence Boxumerdyk Goutum

    Residence Boxumerdyk Goutum

    The plot lies in the polder of the former Middelsea, a historic part of the sea in the province of Friesland. Between 1200 and 1300 the sea silted up to […]

  • Apartments Sumar

    Apartments Sumar

    At the south side of Sumar is a small quarter with plots for new residences. Between this quarter and the village we designed, commissioned by Woonfriesland, a complex with 14 […]

  • Residence Prins Sneek

    Residence Prins Sneek

    Three sides of the plot adjoins to water. The rural elements in this new quarter mainly formed the restrictions for this residence. The residence is compact and looks like an […]

  • Studio De Brugwachter Leeuwarden

    Studio De Brugwachter Leeuwarden

    This more-purpose building contains a workplace and a store for high quality handicraft furniture of ‘De Brugwachter’ in Leeuwarden. We strive for a reserved, modest and functional building. It has […]

  • Residence Boomsma Sneek

    Residence Boomsma Sneek

    The new quarter Oudvaart in Sneek is realized for exceptional residences adjacent the water. Natural borders form the transition between the waterlandscape and the gardens. Main purpose is optimal use […]

  • Apartments Jistrum

    Apartments Jistrum

    The area east of Bergummermeer is recognizable by the ‘woudenlandschap’. The cultivated fields are bordered with hedges and wooden ramps. The landscape near Jistrum is mainly meadow with artificial green […]

  • Tea-house Marum

    Tea-house Marum

    In support of the residents with a disability, a wooden pavilion is build next to the caring institute in Marum. The pavilion contains a tea-house and workplace. Together with the […]

  • Residences Noorderplassen Almere

    Residences Noorderplassen Almere

    This is a city-planning and architecture assignment fort he project ‘The big Island’ in Almere. We and four other architects were invited to make a plan. The assignment is to […]

  • Crossroad Lemmerweg

    Crossroad Lemmerweg

    Part of the new A7 is the leveled crossroad. From start the plan was to make two bridges. Later on OAK designed instead an oval roundabout. The oval roundabout is […]

  • The Restaurant ‘Koperen Tuin’ Leeuwarden

    The Restaurant ‘Koperen Tuin’ Leeuwarden

    The Grand Café restauarant De Koperen Tuin is part of the monumental Prinsentuin. The building is a copy of the original and redesigned by architect Roodbaard in 2004. Curved shaped […]

  • Apartments Aldeboarn

    Apartments Aldeboarn

    The apartmentblock for elderly is situates on the former location of a dairy-factory, at the banks of the Boarn. After research to the characteristics in the village Aldeboarn a quality-document […]

  • Wooden bridges Sneek

    Wooden bridges Sneek

    In assignment of the province Fryslân we, in collaboration with Onix (together OAK, Onix Achterbosch Kunstwerken), designed two wooden bridges in Sneek. The bridges connect the two parts of the […]

  • Home care apartments Bolsward

    Home care apartments Bolsward

    This assignment contains 22 apartments and three livingrooms and is initiated by Philadelphia Zorg. A foundation that helps and supports mentally disabled persons. The support varies from e few hours […]

  • Home care farm Marum

    Home care farm Marum

    The transformation of this farm will give mentally disabled persons a new place with home care. The farm lost its agricultural function years ago, but the appearance still belonged to […]

  • Home care apartments Marum

    Home care apartments Marum

    These apartments are intended for persons with a light form of mental disability. They can live partly on their own. The floorplan is uniform but expandable in the future. Two […]

  • Livecycle residences Marum

    Livecycle residences Marum

    De versplintering aan de randen van steden en dorpen is ruimtelijk onlogisch en leidt tot gebieden die nergens bij horen. Het is een gevolg van de hoogconjunctuur van de jaren […]

  • Residence Kooi Makkum

    Residence Kooi Makkum

    One with the horizontal Frisian farmland is the dwelling ‘Kooi’. Landscape and program result in a dialog that isn’t classic rural or like the current surrounding hall-architecture. The villa is […]

  • Grupstal Aldeboarn

    Grupstal Aldeboarn

    Between Akkrum and Aldeboarn stands a former farmhouse and reacreationfarm. Foundation Philadelphia Zorg was looking for a building which could house several functions. These can be placed in the ‘Grupstal’. […]

  • Residence Van der Meulen Grou

    Residence Van der Meulen Grou

    This residence is situated at the far most end of the new quarter at the edge of the village Grou. The plot is adjacent to the water and on the […]

  • Residence Zuiderburen Leeuwarden

    Residence Zuiderburen Leeuwarden

    This residence in the quarter Zuiderburen in Leewarden wil be surrounded by catalogue houses of diverse quality. The view will be predicted by the water on the one side and […]

  • Restaurant Bosbad Hoeven

    Restaurant Bosbad Hoeven

    The concept for this restaurant exists of an eye-shaped volume, which opens towards the terraces and the water and is closed towards the forest. The open space is totally glazed […]

  • Office Arbo Unie Sneek

    Office Arbo Unie Sneek

    This office is oriented in the direction of the highway. The other side towards a residential area. These relative extremes return in the design and details of the building. Transparency […]