WINNER! -Nanjing Middle School Masterplan

We are delighted to announce that we won the competition for the masterplan upgradation of Nanjing middle school!


The Nanjing middle school campus situated in China required an upgradation in a holistic way in-line with the changing future of learning.

The proposed design considerations are purely based on the concept of new ways of learning beyond space and time. This allows students to be able to build their own curriculum and unique educational experiences incorporating active engagement with other students, multidisciplinary education, multi-sensory training with self-awareness. One can learn as an individual and yet amalgamate themselves in a group.

Total site area spanning across 36,3 Hectares, various areas were specifically identified for up-gradation and proposals were made and sent to competition out of which, two of the award-winning proposals will now be realised. While one area is designed to integrate an iconic ‘Dry walk’ pedestrian channel which brings people together while embracing various activities around the corridor the other area is designed to create a ‘Wetland’ landscape giving prominence to adding ecological value to the campus and also offering a living eco lab for students.

Link to project page: Nanjing Middle School

HansWei Urban Planning and Architecture Design Co,Ltd. made the design in collaboration with –LOLA landscape architects

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